Spring & Asura by Kenji Miyazawa and Izumi Shiokawa

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This is a collection of drawings by illustrator Izumi Shiokawa created to accompany the masterpiece “Spring & Asura” by Kenji Miyazawa. Shiokawa shows unerring reverence for author Miyazawa, and embodies her own interpretations of the aesthetic of the world within his poem, “Spring & Asura” by way of picture; her multitude of drawings seem to depict the shining, dazzling nature of the entirety of the world of creation. Her abstract images seem to beckon premonition — and with mysterious creatures together with the story that comes to life within her drawings, this work serves as an entirely new endeavor for Shiokawa; who, as an illustrator, boasts an impressive repertoire across a number of works.

While the cover of the book maintains simple elements, we see Shiokawa utilize a metal blue ink to further bring the affectations and touches found within the lines of her pencil to life. Within this collection of illustration and poetry, we see a story come to being — one that encapsulates the universe itself, as well as the wonder of who we are.

Size: 170 x 110 mm / Paper Back / 96P

Poem: Kenji Miyazawa “Spring & Asura” (First Collection) 1924

Design: T. S. Wendelstein (The Simple Society)