A Crèche of Soggy Flesh

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"He noticed the sores on his hands as soon as he woke; long cavities, damp and raw. They did not hurt. Instead, they felt cool and numb. He sat on the edge of his bed and stretched his arms out in front of him. His eyes followed the trail of red crevices onto his torso, across his genitals and down his legs. One sore on the head of his penis was particularly large, and filled with a dark yellow pus. He couldn't understand why he wasn't experiencing pain but he wasn't, so he stood up and got ready for work."

Trench Torso doesn't like you, so he wants you to read this, his first piece of short fiction; A Crèche of Soggy Flesh. He asked Jonathan Chandler to draw pictures for it and feels he did an excellent job.