A River Dies of Thirst by Mahmoud Darwish

A River Dies of Thirst by Mahmoud Darwish

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“Darwish is the premier poetic voice of the Palestinian people . . . lyrical, imagistic, plaintive, haunting, always passionate, and elegant—and never anything less than free—what he would dream for all his people.” — Naomi Shihab Nye

“Catherine Cobham’s translations sway delicately between mystery and clarity, giving a rendition of the master’s voice that should impress both those reading Darwish’s work for the first time and those who are already familiar with it.” — Fady Joudah, The Guardian

This remarkable collection of poems, meditations, fragments, and journal entries was Mahmoud Darwish’s last volume to come out in Arabic.

River is at once lyrical and philosophical, questioning and wise—full of irony, resistance, and play. Darwish’s musings on unrest and loss dwell on love and humanity; in the pages of River, myth and dream are inseparable from truth.

Throughout this personal collection, Darwish returns frequently to his ongoing (and often lighthearted) conversation with death, warning that “eternity does not visit graves and loves to joke.”