An Unknown Power

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An Unknown Power features commissioned artwork from twenty two artists from across planet earth, responding to the theme of ambiguity in spiritual encounters, religious icons or worship imagery.

Co-published with Neoglyph
Edited by Cullen Beckhorn and Panayiotis Terzis.
Print Design and Production by Panayiotis Terzis.

An Unknown Power
by various artists
Risograph printed
104 pages
28 × 21.5 cm
Edition of 500

Featuring: Robert Beatty, Sarah Lammer, HOPE, Drew Miller, Lando,Baptiste Virot, Brie Moreno, Bluetooth, Matt Lock, Ron Rege Jr., Ben Marcus, Jinhee Han, Juli Majer & Cristian Hernandez (D000g) Enormous Face/Kalan Sherrard, Joel Skavdahl/Seagull Invasion, Lilli Carre,
Kari Cholnoky, Margot Ferrick, Leomi Sadler, Panayiotis Terzis, Nichole Shinn, Hayley Dawn Miur

“Androgynous angelic beings emerge from blinding white light. A commanding voice booms from an unknown source. The veil of everyday reality is lifted to reveal primordial worship rituals performed by beings both monstrous and divine. Shadowy figures emerge, identities obscured, displaying mysterious powers. Terror and ecstasy bind together in an overpowering force that destroys all sense of time and space. Identity dissolves, surrendering to love and fear of a power beyond comprehension.”