Mirror Mirror 2 by Julia Gfrörer and Sean T. Collins

Mirror Mirror 2 by Julia Gfrörer and Sean T. Collins

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For volume two of 2dcloud's annual anthology, editors Julia Gfrörer & Sean T. Collins have amassed some of the darkest talents within as well as outside of comics to create a wholly singular reading and visual experience. From masters of horror like Clive Barker to leading figures in alt-comics such as Simon Hanselmann, this collection transcends the expectations of what a comics anthology can do.

In addition to Barker and Hanselmann, this volume will showcase work by: Lala Albert, Heather Benjamin, Apolo Cacho, Sean Christensen, Nicole Claveloux, Al Columbia, Dame Darcy, Noel Freibert, Renee French, Meaghan Garvey, Julia Gfrörer (with Claude Paradin), Aidan Koch, Laura Lannes, Céline Loup, Uno Moralez, Mou, Jonny Negron, Chloe Piene, Josh Simmons, Carol Swain, and Trungles.

Julia Gfrörer was born in 1982 in Concord, New Hampshire. Her work has appeared in Thickness, Arthur Magazine, Study Group Magazine, Black Eye, Kramers Ergot, and multiple volumes of Best American Comics. Her debut graphic novel, Black is the Color, was published by Fantagraphics Books.

Sean T. Collins has written for Rolling Stone, Wired, Vulture, Esquire, BuzzFeed, and The Comics Journal. His comics have been published by Marvel, DC, Top Shelf, Study Group, and Youth in Decline. He lives with his daughter on Long Island.