Nude Model and Other Stories by Tsubasa Yamaguchi

Nude Model and Other Stories by Tsubasa Yamaguchi

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I could model for you…

In the title story, a high school delinquent tries to seduce an introverted artist in his class as part of a cruel game, but learns some unexpected things about himself when she turns the tables.

   Then there’s “Girl,” in which a teenage boy gets more than he bargained for when he tries to fulfill his own need for attention in an unusual way.

    Finally, in “Kamiya,” a young doctor who can’t stand the sight of blood overcomes her phobia thanks to a host club staffed by vampires. But there are other things to fear lurking in the night…

In these three complex, alluring stories, Tsubasa Yamaguchi (author of the award-winning Blue Period) shows off the darker side of her imagination, in the process transforming manga itself into something stranger and more erotic.