Suicida by Abraham Díaz

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"We decided to print a new limited amount of copies of this 2015 classic since only few people managed to get one back in the day. This new edition is 100% percent offset printed by us with extreme care to make it a little bit different from the first one. Black and Neon green inks over nice paper. Free HUGE poster included."

"Abraham Díaz viene de una realidad paralela. Se dedica a calcar dibujos de varios genios del tebeo que en esta frecuencia del continuo espacio-temporal no conocemos y nos quiere hacer creer que todo esto es suyo" -Fatbottom Books "My new favorite comic" -Johnny Ryan "A good-looking but also dirty object, Suicida #1 digs up the underground punk aesthetics and the tradition of the single-artist floppy anthology in one shot... ...Diaz’s line is grotesque, cripples characters’ bodies, stretches their noses, twists their teeth, in a style that looks at many artists we loved over the last twenty years (Kaz, Ivan Brunetti, Johnny Ryan) but also at Mad magazine, gag cartoons, newspaper strips." -Just Indie Comics