Midori MD Notebook A5 Frame

Midori MD Notebook A5 Frame

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With a day to a page, you can chronicle your life.

Chronicle your life your way,
with no conventions holding you back.

Put your ideas, discoveries and observations on paper, in writing or pictures.

Let your journal be the keeper of the things you did today, the things you want to do someday, and your ultimate dreams.

Capture each day in the pages of your own unique journal, and then look back on everything you’ve written and drawn.

Choose from two types of MD Notebook Journal: 1 day 1 page and the new weekly journal, with one week per two-page spread.

This version has blank pages with several frames.

Use the small frames at the top for headings such as a title and the date and you’ve got a diary. In the big blank space on each page, anything goes.

There are no rules – it’s all up to you.

192 pages in total. 1 day 1 page type has about 6 months’ worth of pages.

The frame type, dot grid type and block type all come with MD PAPER index stickers.

A5 dimensions: 8.3"H x 5.8"W (Medium)