Wander Maunder by Justin Skarhus

Wander Maunder by Justin Skarhus

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40 pp
6 × 6"
1, 2 color risograph
spiral bound
printed by Perfectly Acceptable in Chicago

"Wander Maunder looks out the window, and explores the panoramic scope of the comic page." —Will Dinski, Trying Not To Notice

"Primal stoner comics that play with the geometry of grids and visual experience of comics on a 'high' level." —Kevin Huizenga, Ganges

"Skarhus' comics are sharp at first glance, confounding at second and ultimately overflow with information that the reader is richly rewarded for unraveling. A puzzle of thought and emotion surge through these pages." —Austin English, Gulag Casual

Rough hewn cartooning pulls against a tightly formalized page logic as we're led through a memoryscape of dead-end friendships.

The strange, brooding style evokes teenage sketchbook drawings that, when coupled with the fatalistic stoner narrative, conjure feelings of youthful confusion cut with brutal certainty. Friendship is the body: skin, muscle, bones; the body comes together, the body comes apart. Wander Maunder manages to relate despite itself.

Justin Skarhus is a former associate publisher at 2dcloud and cartoonist based in Minneapolis. He has published small editions of minicomics via 2dcloud and appeared in Jason T. Miles' NOME anthology. He has new work forthcoming by way of his new publishing venture, Entropy Editions, later this year.