Adapt #2 by Jonny Negron

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Jonny Negron's ADAPT returns for another gorgeous issue!

Part 2 of Jonny Negron's sci-fi exploration of alienation in a utopian society. Our protagonist attempts to make his way back to the inner circle but now Earth feels like an alien world. Inspired by Return From The Stars, by Stanislaw Lem.

?Zeitgeist? ? Matt Seneca discusses Krautrock ? German music from the 70s that explored ?rock music? divorced from its American blues origins. While American culture grew nostalgic in the 70s, European music and comics looked to the future and embraced the truly cosmic and psychedelic. The article is accompanied by illustrations of influential German musicians by Jonny Negron.

24 pages, 15? x 22.75? broadsheet newsprint, color and b&w