Berserker 1

Berserker 1

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Jon Chandler, Anya Davidson, Lando, Benjamin Marra, Lane Milburn, Hardeep Pandhal, and Alexander Tucker -- cover by Robert Beatty -- articles by Peter Bebergal, Adham Faramawy, Sammy Harkham, Joey Holder, Alan Jefferson, Phillip Serfaty, and Jamie Sutcliffe -- design by Leon Sadler -- edited by Tom Oldham and Jamie Sutcliffe

Prepare your pathetic attempts at brains for the unfettered, multidimensional extra-sensory data blast that is Berserker! Join editor-in-chief, Low Priestess Kleax Nix Vizz, as she subjects your laughable mammalian forms to the manifest genius of cartoonists such as Jonathan Chandler, Anya Davidson, Benjamin Marra, Lane Milburn and Lando in a cosmic celebration of genre fiction in contemporary art, European science fiction comic anthologies, and The Mighty GOM the Galactic Gut. With contributions from Peter Bebergal and Adham Faramawy, Hardeep Pandhal and Jamie Sutcliffe, interviews with artists Robert Beatty and Joey Holder and design by Leon Sadler, Berserker is unchallenged in its universal dominance. ALL HAIL GOM! ALL HAIL GOM!

168 x 260mm

68 pages

offset printed