Black Mass by Patrick Kyle

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Black Mass collectes issues #1-6 of Patrick Kyle's critically acclaimed self-published comic book series of the same name. Black Mass follows the stream of consciousness mis-adventures of protagonist Turdswallo Blackteeft and his roomate/brother/best-friend/spouse, Dingball as they stumble blindly through a multitude of the stickiest situations like the Fred and Barney of a bizarre nightmarish version of The Flintstones with way more beer drinking and wizards.

"Patrick Kyle's sock puppet punks and noodle-nosed wizards take you on a drip trip through the inter-dimensional potential of drinking forties and raising some Transylvanian hell. Black Mass is much like your favorite Halloween decorations coming to life and filming a remake of The Decline of Western Civilization in a haunted house - wild, gnarly, scrappy, hilarious and witchy: it's pretty much the best." - Edie Fake, Author of Gaylord Phoenix

9 x 7, 208 pages, B&W, Perfect bound