Bruja by Wendy C. Ortiz

Bruja by Wendy C. Ortiz

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Dreamoir–a narrative derived from the most malleable and revelatory details of one’s dreams, catalogued in bold detail. A literary adventure through the boundaries of memoir, where the self is viewed from a position anchored into the deepest recesses of the mind.

Bruja calls into question not only what is a memoir, but what is a life. Politics, books, mass media, random encounters, work, relationships tumble into the depths of consciousness, and the self spirals open, huge and passionate. Ortiz’s dreamoir is a multidimensional love story with the whole mess of existence. I loved it.

–Dodie Bellamy, author of The TV Sutras

In Bruja, Wendy C. Ortiz deftly navigates the land of dreams in what she calls a dreamoir. By telling us her dreams, by revealing her most unguarded and vulnerable self, Ortiz is, truly, offering readers the most intimate parts of herself–how she loves, how she wants, how she lives, who she is. Bruja is not just a book–it is an enigma and a wonder and utterly entrancing.

–Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist

Wendy C. Ortiz has invented her own genre, in her sleep, no less. Bruja is at once lush and spare, funny and weird, disturbing and sometimes even beautiful in the way that dreams can be. She’s crafted an absurdly real and compelling story here, one dream at a time.

–Elizabeth Crane, author of The History of Great Things

A memoir of the dreaming soul and reportage from the frontline of a writer’s consciousness, Bruja is surreal, mesmerizing, and beautiful. I completely fell under its spell.

–Scott Cheshire, author of High as the Horses’ Bridles