Bug Boys by Laura Knetzger

Bug Boys by Laura Knetzger

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Welcome to Bug Village! This sleepy little village is home to Stag-B and Rhino-B, aka the Bug Boys! These two best friends love adventure and exploring the nooks and crannies of Bug Village, the surrounding forest, and their own minds. Along the way, they meet new bug friends (like spooky Dome Spider and shy Dragonfly), face their fears (Bees! Termites! Self-doubt!!), and see their friendship grow ever stronger. Bug Village is much bigger than it seems, let?s explore!

Bug Boys volume 1 collects all of the Bug Boys? adventures to date, including some never before seen in print!

?Bug Boys gives me what I missed from the best all-ages books: warmth and friendship up against danger and high stakes, and a vibrant imagination at play. Burrow in.?
- Annie Mok, Rookie Mag contributor

?Bug Boys is a true delight.?
- Kris Mukai, Commuter

?I love the Bug Boys comic because it vibrates with the pulse of life. It is a joy to marvel at the vital living soul that these drawings possess. Bug Boys forever!?
- James Kochalka, American Elf, Johnny Boo

352 pages, black and white with 27 full color pages