Copy Kitty by Kyung-Me

Copy Kitty by Kyung-Me

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He says he loves you too

"I fucking love you I fucking love you I fucking love you"

Can you believe it? Copy Kitty!

Hop in his convertible, and take a ride , Copy Kitty! Road-runner in the rear-view mirror. Paint his portrait! Wear your pearls! He's beautiful, isn't he?

Exquisite, intricate graphite drawings in landscape view. Chock-full of hidden details, little worlds of signification. Beautiful, opulent, emotional. 



“...intricate, hypnotic…” —Selena Gallery 

“A shimmering fake moon, opulent costume changes, and Depression-era Art Deco set the backdrop for this spellbinding new narrative from Kyung-Me.” —The Editorial Magazine 


“Kyung-Me’s ultra-precise ink drawings, which resemble both Renaissance etchings and finely wrought computer-generated renderings, are windows into starkly glamorous modernist interiors.” —The New Yorker 

“In a series of grayscale drawings, Kyung-Me renders every wood grain and textile fiber with ink, charcoal, or graphite in crisp detail, with no loss from foreground to background. The meticulous clarity is dizzying, even hallucinatory. With no singular focus or discernible narrative, the subjectless interior induces a horror vacui through its elaborate, often competing patterns.” —The Offing 


“A charmingly self-deprecating show, Bad Korean is a deeply personal exploration of feeling alienated from both one’s own body and one’s environment. Kyung-Me’s sketches initially appear rough and hurried, with loose outlines and plain washes of color that carelessly overstep their bounds. Her facial expressions are an exception. Consistently illustrated with profound sensitivity, her drawn avatar’s face elucidates a complex conflation of conflicted feelings. She offers a rare feminist window into second-generation intersectionality, achieved at a human scale.” —Hyperallergic

“Kyung-Me’s drawings, rendered in colored pencil and pastel on paper, show flattened visions of everyday life in New York — images of being optimistic and confused and gross and lonely and lost and hungry and in love.” —Huffington Post 

An adult picture book comprised of intricate, surreal graphite illustrations that tell the tale of obsessive love and longing and the maddening, self-inflicted contortions of identity endured to fit perceived expectations and norms.

Copy Kitty explores themes of identity, belonging and love through a cat who painfully and continually reinvents itself in pursuit of adoration and an elusive ideal. Autobiographically driven, the narrative strikes a chord through common experiences conveyed authentically, with sharp perspective and deep reflection on the self-destructive consequences of perceived ideals and sublimation of identity.

The format of the book presents each of the highly detailed illustrations alternating with a blank page. Copy Kitty is based on a series of illustrations Kyung-Me exhibited at galleries in New York, which were met with strong critical acclaim. In 2018, work from Copy Kitty was featured in Artspace, having been selected on the favorites list from the New York NADA preview by prominent art collectors Susan and Michael Hort.

Kyung-Me is an artist and illustrator living in New York. She is represented by Bureau, NY.  She holds an MFA in painting from the Yale School of Art and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York galleries and beyond. She is best known for her series of illustrations and debut graphic novel, Bad Korean, critically acclaimed by Vice, Huffington Post, and Hyperallergic.