Fluorescent Mud by Eli Howey

Fluorescent Mud by Eli Howey

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Entirely hand painted in watercolor and gouache, Fluorescent Mud is a surreal art comic with underlying themes of transition and dissociation.

Flourescent Mud follows the main character through a series of seemingly unrelated and unexplainable experiences, taking into account various states of mind/memories/ thoughts/feelings and sensory experiences that affect a subjective retelling of events.  

Eli Howey is an artist and printmaker currently based in Toronto. They use traditional analogue printmaking techniques to create contemporary narrative artbooks and large-scale works on paper. They use a combination of images and poetry to construct narrative artwork that expresses multiple dimensions of each situation. Their work attempts to go beyond what can be seen, to incorporate the emotional and imagined spaces within environments and stories.

Eli Howey's Fluorescent Mud pulls the reader in with drawings so haunting and hallucinatory that the pages seem to pitch and swell, like the surface of the ocean at night lit up by bioluminescent algae. As I read, I felt that I was becoming a presence in the mind of the protagonist, looking over their shoulder while they navigated eerie moonlit landscapes, and vividly sensing the intensity of their turbulent mental state. — Sophia Foster-Dimino, Sex Fantasy

Eli paints dissociation like nobody else. Their work is lush and queasy, and makes me feel like I'm having a panic attack. Fluorescent Mud is a work of genius, and it hits really really hard. — Carta Monir, cartoonist and podcast host