Heartless by Nina Bunjevac

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"Heartless is just amazing! I laughed out loud a lot. It is chock full of great stuff and I?m hard to please! Nina Bunjevac?s art is a pleasure to look at. The writing is seriously demented, but in a totally brilliant, highly entertaining way. It is its own thing, imitating no one." Kim Deitch

"The most vitally reinvigorating change in modern comics is the unstoppable rise of women, as creators, as readers, and as characters. In her impressive debut collection, Nina Bunjevac stuns as a distinctive, innovative voice, adept at hyperdetailed cartooning and deliciously disturbing as she probes the darkest depths of desire and despair." - Paul Gravett

"Witness if you will the bizarre love triangle of Zorka, Chip Stein and Fay Slift, the old Frankie and Johnny legend taken to its extreme of outré weirdness! Check out the O?Henry-like twists and turns in THE REAL DEAL! This book is a wild thrill ride through hell on a Tilt-A-Whirl! It?s a triple-dip banana split with a live cockroach at the bottom! I dig it the most, and so will you!" - Jay Lynch

128 pages, hardcover