I Am Famous on CCTV by Cory Feder

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"This is a story about the dokkaebi, the legendary goblins of Korean folklore and their secret society in modern Seoul. These are the beings that were famed for their birth from blood stained household objects, adoration for loud noise and cruel tricks on humans. Protectors, they are, up to no good. In plain sight they still live, on the land by the yellow sea that has lost all memory of itself."

Cory Feder is a person who tells stories to draw the lines between the past, the future and the various corners of humanity. She grew up on occupied land of Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute nations ("Denver") and now resides on land of Apache, Pueblos and Ute nations.

36pp 5x7" 4-color Risograph booklet in Sunflower, Red, Blue, and Black ink on Domatar Cougar Vellum 70#T Natural.