ITDN by Andy Burkholder

ITDN by Andy Burkholder

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ITDN Group published a series of comics pamphlets from 2010?2014. Each issue was anonymously authored and included the possibility of being created by a different person. The 'group' - plural, informal, and rigid - is the only thing cohering the series together. A follow-up to Qviet, this collection documents Burkholder's earlier years, providing insights into his explorations of the themes and concepts that underpin many of his more broadly received works.

192 pages
5.5 × 7 inches
b&w offset
poster (7 × 19.5)

"One morning at a gig space in Baltimore I watched Andy Burkholder pick up a tube of leftover frosting and use it to casually draw a simple but legible comic strip onto a piece of cardboard. His uninhibited intelligence and direct style create the conditions for breakthrough work. ITDN is the laboratory from which his later achievements have emerged."
-Bill Kartalopoulos

"A safari through the wilderness of human behavior."
-Anna Haifisch