J & K by John Pham

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Printed in three fluorescent pantone inks, J&K will be one of the most unique and eye-popping releases of 2020, by one of the most distinctive and talented cartoonists working today. This colorful original graphic novel follows lovable losers Jay and Kay, whose quotidian adventures are often hilarious and occasionally poignant, calling to mind everything from Peanuts to Seinfeld. 

Included along with the book is a treasure trove of cute, sad little artifacts: a mini issue of “Cool Magazine,” a sticker sheet, collectible trading cards, a fold-out map and poster, and even a 5” vinyl record! Fun for all ages!

"J&K is a delightful mix of cute moments and 'tragically sensitive' bummers. Packaged as one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen, Pham unites weird with wonderful. So weird, that by the end, you'll think a pimple pus character named Bacne is adorable." — Aminder Dhaliwal, Woman World