Jaime Hernandez: Fantagraphics Studio Edition

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Jaime Hernandez was at the forefront of the post-underground/alternative comics revolution when he and his brother Gilbert co-created the Love and Rockets comics series in 1982. Jaime is renowned for creating dramatic—and occasionally comedic—novelistic stories chronicling the travails and joys of Maggie and Hopey, two vivacious, complex Hispanic women growing up within the LA punk scene. Over the last 35 years, readers have watched his growing cast of characters argue, break up, make up, make love, grow older in real time, and have delighted in seeing the comics medium brought to a new level of maturity.

This Fantagraphics Studio Edition illuminates Jaime’s distinctive artistic process. Collected here is nearly 200 pages of raw, unretouched original art comprising complete stories, selected from among his most critically acclaimed, including “Chester Square,” “In the Valley of the Polar Bears,” and “Wigwam Bam.” The state of the art reproduction captures every nuance of the artist’s virtuosic pen lines. This is truly the closest one can get to sitting next to the artist as he draws and watching the comics pages take shape.

The Studio Edition also features a new interview with Hernandez, conducted by Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth, that explores the artist’s inspiration and the formal elements of his craft. Plus, over thirty pages of never-before-published material in various stages of completion that reveal the lively, penciled underdrawing behind each gorgeously inked panel.