La Celebración by Rui Tenreiro

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Comic is Spanish Language

"At the celebration, people celebrated the end of the annual agricultural season and the beginning of the next, along the road there were huge trees, they looked like towering mushrooms with a flat top, they were a bit surreal, as if you were piling leaves on The crown of a trunk The treetops were also full of little white flowers.

A crowd sang and shouted, dancing and walking along the road. They carried long sticks. They were so long that they reached the tops of the trees, and people beat the leaves of the trees with the sticks and made the flowers fly in the wind: Millions of flowers were flying towards the city. The flowers flew over the city to fertilize it, and to give good luck to its inhabitants. After having released all the flowers, the trees were burned. Next season they would grow again. "

Rui Tenreiro's dream

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