Little Proposal by Leon Sadler & Yannick Val Gesto

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The planet of our video game is a large chunk of “green”, interrupted by big geometrical slabs of concrete. It’s within these slabs that humanoids reside. These buildings are surrounded by huge layers of dense vegetation and forests, trees and vines as high as the clouds, and flowers as small or as big as you can imagine.

This little world is peaceful in nature, its nature is peaceful, alien lifeforms exist, coexist with humanoids and fill their days playing around and exploring nature. 

Humanoids exist mainly inside their concrete bunkers. They are fragile creatures, that have made living in this wild ecosystem a tad more comforting through architecture and soft technology (nothing too deep). There is no war, no conflict, there’s only discovery and expression.

Most of the creatures inhabiting this planet have a conscience. Humans and everything else living here is sentient. The goal of the game is to explore, to connect, to experience.

Not only humanoids produce and create, the “aliens” in this game also create. Poetry, images, paint, sculptures, singing, music,... not only humanoids do this, the “alien animals” do too.

Imagine the ecosystem/jungle existing out of various layers in height, the humanoids have only discovered and explored a tiny chunk of it.

A5 / 16 Pages
2 Colour Risograph
Published 2018
Edition of 100