Lovers Only #2: Love Triangle

Lovers Only #2: Love Triangle

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Lovers Only #2: Love Triangle is the second issue of the ongoing "LOVERS ONLY" series — a short story series made just for lovers! ⟁⨻⛛▲◬

Love Triangle features three (3! get it!??) new comics about the interconnected webs we weave of love (and confusion. and unrequited desire. and platonic care.). Features work by three of the most talented and interesting cartoonists around: Sophia Foster-Dimino, Carta Monir, and Mickey Zacchilli.

Lovers Only #2: Love Triangle is a joint Youth in Decline / Price Tapes production, part of the continuing series "LOVERS ONLY" from the mind of Mickey Zacchilli.

40 pages, Teal & Yellow offset interiors.