Mafalda by Quino

Mafalda by Quino

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A través de Mafalda y sus amigos Quino reflexiona con humor crítico e inteligente sobre la política, la economía y la sociedad en general. Malfalda ha sido traducida y publicada en varios idiomas y países.

Spanish language only

Through Mafalda and her friends, Quino reflects about politics, the economy, and society in general with critical, intelligent humor. In this newly edited collection, readers will enjoy Felipe’s anguish at schooltime; Susanita’s gossip, as she seems to know all that is happening with the people and animals in the neighborhood; the stupidity of Manolito, the administrator, marketing specialist, and heir to the prosperous “Don Manolo” grocery store; Miguelito and his eternal existential conflicts; Libertad and her efforts at leading a simple life; or the adventures of Guille, which can range from the creation of “Magnifying-cat” all the way to giving tips to the giants who are in charge of leaving stains on the house walls. Half a century after bursting into readers’ lives, Mafalda and her friends are as young and vibrant as ever.

Classic comic from Argentina