Mirror Mirror by Blaise Larmee

Mirror Mirror by Blaise Larmee

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Mirror Mirror #1
edited by Blaise Larmee

Tracy Auch
Andrea Bjürstrom
Caroline Hennessy
Katherine Poe
Connor Willumsen

Leslie Weibeler
Nicholas Verstraeten
Sarah Ferrick
Leon Sadler

"I loved this collection. Spare pieces about identity and interiority. It reads like an auditory experience."
-Sam Alden

The mirror reflects and magnifies the artists.

Lyrical drawing
Libidinal drawing
First person drawing

Drawing practice
Cartoonist turned poet

Works on paper
Bitmap v Grayscale

Embodied practice
Mirror as tampon

6.93 × 9.84 inches
1, 2, & 4 color offset
poster (27.83 x 19.69 inches)