Moderne Luv by Ohara Hale

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Drawn in a minimalist style with a thick black pencil and paired with a lighthearted and simple slang-based dialogue, Ohara Hale?s Moderne Luv conveys true-to-life emotion and intimacy with remarkable brevity. The story follows the relationship of two (seemingly) easily recognizable, yet anatomically distorted characters as they struggle to navigate the ins and out of some common conundrums: the need/desire for physical intimacy, the convenience/alienation of technology, and our ever-more pressing drive to ?work?. The book flows playfully but with a tinge of melancholy, covering mature topics and ending with ambiguity, leaving the reader to ?react and interpret the ending based on their own experience?.

5.5? x 8.5?, 40 pages, B&W interiors