RAV 2nd Collection by Mickey Zacchilli

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RAV is an Epic Classic of American Cartooning. This chunky tome collects the second installment of Mickey Zacchilli?s sprawling and hilarious opus.

Follow Juice and Sally as they explore the Meat Cave and navigate a hilarious web of bizarre friends, lovers, and enemies. Along the way, hang out with jilted boyfriend Edward the Snake Prince, sexy meddler Main Marian, smiling Rolo, power-hungry Ben, and the mysterious Mothball the Cat. Also, there?s a mysterious pouch and a weird power cube.

Indigo ink on a rainbow of yellow pages, 392 pages. 1lb 6oz.

"A gut-punch mixture of adrenaline-fueled action and surreal comedy."
? The AV Club

"Mickey?s comics always feel as though they?re about to come apart at the seams, but they never quite do. She?s the master of holding it all together. The experience is overwhelming, and exhilarating."
- Michael DeForge, Cartoonist