Taoist Secrets of Love by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn

Taoist Secrets of Love by Mantak Chia and Michael Winn

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Mantak Chia - Taoist Secrets of Love reveals for the first time to the general public, the ancient sexual secrets of the Taoist sages.

These secrets enable men to conserve and transform sexual energy through its circulation in the Microcosmic Orbit, invigorating and rejuvenating the body’s vital functions. Hidden for centuries, these esoteric techniques and principles make the process of linking sexual energy and transcendent states of consciousness accessible to the reader.

Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy- Mantak Chia with Michael Winn

This revolutionary and definitive book teaches:

  • Higher Taoist practices for alchemical transmutation of body, mind and spirit.
  • The secret of achieving and maintaining full sexual potency.
  • The Taoist “valley orgasm”—Pathway to higher bliss.
  • How to conserve and store sperm in the body.
  • The exchange and balancing of male and female energies, within the body and with one’s partner.