Tétanos 4

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"A new issue of our beloved magazine is born after a long long time catching digital dust inside our computer's folders with the new goal of becoming a quarterly underground comics and graphics publication. This fourth issue is considered by Toribio (the editor in chief of the magazine) as the transition issue between the perverted sex themed zine Tétanos used to be to the more serious-all subjects-nerdy magazine he wants it to be in the future. This time, we have the honour to count with Drawings and Comics by artists as great as: Heather Benjamin on the cover, Jennifer Calandra, Brian Blomerth, Mou, Ivan Brun, Inés Estrada, Beau Richie, Craoman, Paul Arscott, HAZ, Andy Burkholder and Pakito Bolino on the back cover + a priceless interview with Heather Benjamin by Inés Estrada (Two of our favorite artists in the world! how lucky we are!) and let's don't forget Manchas y Ruido! the new section by Jose Haz (One of our favorite psychedelic artists and graphic nerds ever) where he shares us reviews and interesting articles on comic books and stuff he likes. So... feel free to grab a copy of this issue! Spanish & English 500 copies"