Trapper Keeper 4

Trapper Keeper 4

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Trapper Keeper is a semi-annual sci fi/futurist publication informed by where we as a species have arrived in time and where we are going. It is undeniable that humanity is now under a toxic combination of pressures and may be reaching a critical turning point. Each issue of TK serves as a platform for extreme visions of our possible futures by a curated selection of high caliber artists.

For the fourth issue of Trapper Keeper, eighteen artists explore the theme of FUTURE SEX. How will the current churning storm of rapid and tumultuous technological, social, cultural and ecological change morph and twist one of our most ancient and primal impulses in the next century or centuries?

Featuring works by:
Lala Albert
Robert Beatty
Benjamin Brubaker
Caroline Chandler
Chris Day
Char Esme
Florencia Escudero
Xela Flactem
Aisha Franz
Yuriko Katori
Matt Lock
Ben Mendelewicz
Theo Michael
Brenna Murphy
Jung Hee Mun
Leon Sadler
and Panayiotis Terzis

Cover design by Lala Albert. Printed in an edition of 300.