Wicked Enchantment by Wanda Coleman

Wicked Enchantment by Wanda Coleman

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A voice for justice, anti-racism, and equality―here is the greatest and most powerful work of the people’s poet, Wanda Coleman.

One of the most talked about literary collections of the year is this collection by a beat-up, broke, and Black woman who wrote with anger, humor, and clarity about her life on the margins.

Wicked Enchantment: Selected Poems is a selection of her poems, 130 poems in all spanning four decades, edited and introduced by Terrance Hayes. Rejected by the elites during her lifetime, here’s what people are saying now:

―“Wanda Coleman is not just wickedly wise, she is transcendent.” The Washington Post

―“Hateful and hilarious, heart broke and hellbent.” Mary Karr, New York Times bestselling author

―“One of the greatest poets ever to come out of L.A.” The New Yorker

―“Her work pushes us to confront injustice with as much candor as she did.” Poetry

―“Required Reading” Bustle

Brutal. Hilarious. Triumphant. These are not poems written for a college class, establishment approval, or polite applause; these poems were written because Ms. Coleman had to write what she saw and felt, and she wrote brilliantly. Few if any writers, before or since, have had the courage to write with such honesty about the daily experience of life in a racist world.